POWER in Uganda

Photo Credit: Forum for African Women Educationalists (FAWE)

As of February 2022, Uganda hosted the third-highest number of refugees globally and the highest number in Africa with almost 1.6 million refugees.5 The refugees predominantly originated from South Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo.6 POWER was implemented in four refugee camps in the West Nile, an area that hosted the majority of Uganda's refugee population. The demographics of the population particularly warranted accessible SRMNCAH services, with 61 percent aged under 20 years and the majority of women above the age of 20 years.7

POWER contributed to incorporating SRMNCAH priorities into national plans. Engaging with community leaders committed to champion for gender equality has contributed to women empowerment and improved entrepreneurship, increased women’s access to SRMNCAH services and improved demand to their reproductive rights.

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To learn more about the programme's activities in Uganda, please visit the links for the stories of POWER and watch the videos below

Stories of POWER in Uganda:




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