Effective Approaches To Addressing The Intersection Of Violence Against Women And HIV/AIDS: Findings From Programmes Supported By The UN Trust Fund To End Violence Against Women

Publish Year : 2012
Publisher : UN Women
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The twin pandemics of violence against women (VAW) and HIV/AIDS are each rooted in gender discrimination, women’s subordination, disregard for women’s human rights, and the power imbalances between women and men that exist in societies all over the world. Violence against women and HIV/AIDS are also inextricably intertwined and mutually reinforcing in the lives of millions of women and girls: women who are subject to violence are more likely to contract HIV than other women, and women who are HIV-positive face a heightened risk of violence.1 Yet typically these issues are addressed separately at the programme and policy levels rather than in the interconnected way that affected women actually experience them in their daily lives.

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