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Women with HIV Take Fight Against Forced Sterilization to Court

Reports of HIV-positive women who have been coerced, forced or tricked into being sterilized reveal how widespread this practice is in Africa, but human rights activists say governments are doing little to stop it.

UN Calls for Urgent Action to Protect Young Women from HIV/Aids in Africa

Urgent action is needed to help and protect girls and young women from Aids in sub-Saharan Africa, thousands of whom are still being infected with HIV every week, the UN says. Many adolescent girls do not know they have the virus and do not seek help or get treatment because they cannot tell their families they have had a sexual relationship with an older man.

Immigrant Women Face Many Barriers to HIV Testing and Care

Immigrant women living with HIV often juggle multiple identities, all of which are the target of discrimination and stigma: HIV status, female gender, person of color, foreign accent and/or poor command of English. Many also come from countries with a high prevalence of HIV and/or have experienced trauma and abuse during their journey to the U.S. 

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Food Insufficiency, Violence and HIV Risk Behaviors among Female Sex Workers in India

Food insufficiency is an important contributing factor for female sex workers (FSWs) to engage in...

Immigrant Women & HIV: Briefing Paper

This policy brief explores the health of immigrant women in the United States living with HIV or...

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