Explore our site to find valuable resources, cutting-edge research, and breaking news on the gender equality dimensions of HIV and AIDS. This site aims to promote understanding, knowledge sharing and action on the gender-based inequalities propelling the HIV epidemic.

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    Ending AIDS: Progress Towards the 90-90-90 Targets

    This report gives a detailed analysis of progress and challenges towards achieving the 90-90-90 targets. It shows that, for the first time, over of half all people living with HIV (53%) have access to HIV-related treatment.

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  • Women's Stories

    Women, Girls and HIV Prevention

    Annah Sango, from Zimbabwe, is a vocal youth activist for HIV prevention. Here she speaks about how HIV has impacted her life and the need for more young women and girls to get involved in HIV prevention.

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  • In the News

    The Role of the Physician Advocate in Sexual Violence Against Women

    Doctors in Jamaica must be more involved in ending gender-based violence and HIV among girls through addressing harmful gender stereotypes, encouraging girls' education and lobbying for policies to support health care for women and girls.  

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In the News

AIDS Saskatoon Offers Retreat for Women living with HIV

A new initiative in Saskatoon, Canada is working to help women living with HIV build a sense of community. The program involves a five-day retreat using art-based therapy methods.

Government Vows to Protect Women and Girls in the Country

Malawi's government says it will work with all tribes in the country in making sure that all women and girls are free from practices that expose them to the risk of contracting HIV and AIDS. During a Ngoni cultural event, Deputy Minister of Gender, Children and Social Welfare Clement Mkumbwa said the time has come for all tribes to start respecting and valuing girls and women in the country.

Cupcakes and Condoms event held at Savannah State University

The Red Pump organization's events target women and girls to spread awareness about the impact of HIV and educate them to get tested. According to Red Pump, women make up 25% of the population living with HIV in the United States and less than half of them have the virus under control. 

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Recent Resource

Exploring Factors Associated with ART Adherence and Retention in Care under Option B+ Strategy in Malawi: A Qualitative Study

This qualitative study examines women's experiences with antiretroviral therapy (ART) adherence and...

Joint United Nations Statement on Ending Discrimination in Health Care Settings

The Joint Statement on Ending Discrimination in Health Care Settings, signed by twelve United...

Global Accelerated Action for the Health of Adolescents (AA-HA!): Guidance to Support Country Implementation

Adolescents are one sixth of the world's population and account for 6% of the world's global burden...

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