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Civil Society Condemns Criminalising of HIV

Civil society organisations working on HIV and human rights in Africa recently condemned the enactment of repressive laws which often include provisions that criminalise HIV transmission, non-disclosure and exposure. In many contexts, these laws have a disproportionately punitive effect on women.

National Aboriginal AIDS Awareness Week 2017

The Canadian Aboriginal AIDS Network will launch Aboriginal AIDS Awareness Week the first week of December. During this week, they will raise awareness on HIV prevention and key affected populations in Canada, including indigenous women and young people living with HIV.

Risk of HIV Infection is higher in Women with Violent Partners

In Papa New Guinea, the risk of acquiring HIV is up to 7 times higher in women with violent or controlling intimate partners. Gender-based violence affects the ability of women and girls to protect themselves from HIV infection, prevent unintended pregnancies or access HIV prevention services.

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Ending AIDS: Progress Towards the 90-90-90 Targets

This report gives a detailed analysis of progress and challenges towards achieving the 90-90-90...

Sexual partnership age pairings and risk of HIV acquisition in rural South Africa

This study aims to move beyond ‘relative age gaps’ to address how much ‘specific age groups’...

Technical Brief on HIV, Human Rights and Gender Equality

The purpose of this Technical Brief is to assist Global Fund applicants in their efforts to include...

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