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Kelowna Grandmothers Making Strides for Africa

In Africa women and girls are the most vulnerable in regards to violence, lack of education, gender equality and health issues. The Kelowna Grandmothers For Africa work towards restoring hope, dignity and the chance to move forward with their dreams through community based programs. The need continues for more funding to be directed to grassroots initiatives that in turn will build resilience and...

What Women Want – Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights

The World Health Organization (WHO) recently issued the first Consolidated guideline on sexual and reproductive health and rights of women living with HIV. The guidance is written for health care providers and aims to support them to provide effective care to meet the sexual and reproductive health needs and rights of women living with HIV. In addition to clinical recommendations, the guideline...

The Politics Of Sex For Women Living With HIV

"If I have sex, I could go to jail." This is the reality of life for women living with HIV in Canada. It's a story I heard a few weeks ago from an African woman who had recently immigrated to Vancouver and is now faced with the profoundly isolating experience of being a Black HIV-positive woman in Canadian society. This may come as a surprise to anyone unfamiliar with HIV in Canada: Women (and...

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#WhatWomenWant: A Transformative Framework for Women, Girls and Gender Equality in the Context of HIV and Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights

This report brings attention to achieving gender equality in the context of women, girls, and the...

How Did SASA! Reduce Violence Against Women?

This study aimed to better understand how couples involvement with SASA!, a violence against women...

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