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Report: South African State Hospitals 'Forcibly' Sterilized Women With HIV

State hospitals in South Africa have sterilized some pregnant HIV-Positive  women without their consent, according to an investigation by the government’s Commission for Gender Equality.

Letters to the Editor: New report says unpaid work of women now a global crisis

A new report says the unpaid work of women has created a wealth gap that is causing a crisis in economic development and hampering economic growth.

I am Generation Equality: Nicholas Niwagaba, young leader, human rights advocate

I  am Generation Equality because… I grew up in a community where HIV stigma was high, and I saw the effects firsthand. HIV information and services were not available, and I saw many of my friends and family members succumb to AIDS. 

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Recent Resources

Communities at the Centre Defending Rights Breaking Barriers Reaching People with HIV Services, Global AIDS Update 2019

Communities of people living with HIV across the world refused to accept the slow pace of progress...

Technical Brief HIV and Human Rights and Gender Equality

The purpose of this Technical Brief is to assist Global Fund applicants in their efforts to include...

Fighting HIV in Young Women Through Economic Empowerment

Voices from the Field features contributions from scholars and practitioners highlighting new...

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