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HIV & Women: Booklet

The booklet includes information on some of the day-to-day issues involved in living with HIV. It also has information about HIV treatment, sexual health, contraception and having a baby.

Go Girls! Initiative: Strong Girls! Strong Communities

This fact sheet provides a brief overview of the PEPFAR Gender Initiative on Girls’ Vulnerability to HIV. The purpose of the project is to develop, implement, and monitor a multi-level strategy using behavior and normative change communication and structural interventions to reduce vulnerable adolescents girls’ susceptibility to HIV infection. It...

Gender and HIV and AIDS: UK Consortium on HIV and AIDS Gender Working Group Briefing Paper

The 8-page briefing paper aims to introduce readers to the key issues regarding gender inequalities and the different impacts of HIV and AIDS on women, men, girls and boys.

Women and Risk of HIV/AIDS Infection

This fact sheet reviews women's vulnerability to HIV/AIDS, focusing particularly on young women. Many women and young people do not have access to the information and services they need to protect themselves from HIV infection. Women's vulnerability is increased by marriage, sex work, injecting drug use, being the partner of an injecting drug user,...

Increase Women's Control Over HIV Prevention: Fight AIDS

Women account for nearly half of HIV infections worldwide and almost two-thirds of those among young people, with female infections rising in almost every region. Yet 25 years into the global AIDS epidemic, there is still no widely-available technology that women can control to protect themselves from HIV. This is a brief that addresses women's...

HIV/AIDS Among Women

This is a fact sheet on AIDS among women in the U.S. It provides a breakdown of rates of infection among specific populations and regions and explores why women are particularly vulnerable to HIV/AIDS. Also available in Spanish.

Violence against Women, HIV, and Microbicides

This fact sheet describes the factors that put women in violent relationships at increased risk of becoming infected with HIV and other STIs and the benefits of using microbicides. Article can be accessed on-line here in PDF format.

Gender-Sensitive HIV/AIDS Indicators for Monitoring and Evaluation

Greater efforts to fight the HIV/AIDS pandemic emphasize efficient and effective programs, policy, and capacity building. This requires adequate monitoring and evaluation of progress. Choosing the appropriate indicators varies according to the goal of the project, the region, the HIV-prevalence rate, and how gender issues affect the spread of...

HIV/AIDS, Gender, and Household Food Security: The Rural Dimension

This 4-page fact sheet outlines linkages between agriculture, HIV/AIDS, and gender inequality, and highlights some of the potential impacts of HIV/AIDS on food security. Finally, it focuses on the role of agricultural policy and programming in mitigating against the impacts of HIV/AIDS.

HIV/AIDS and Gender Issues

This 4-page fact sheet summarizes the role of gender in vulnerability to HIV/AIDS, discusses women’s and men’s vulnerabilities, highlights how to enlist men in HIV/AIDS prevention, and suggests a gender-based response to the epidemic.

Women: Meeting the Challenges of HIV/AIDS

This brochure highlights critical issues impacting on women and girls in the context of HIV/AIDS. The publication begins with an overview of the gender dimensions of the epidemic; outlines the necessity for adopting a rights-based approach when addressing these issues; and provides key information on issues such as the disproportionate burden on...

Frequently Asked Questions about Microbicides

This fact sheet provides answers to frequently asked questions about microbicides - such as what they are, how they work, and the status of research and development to-date.

Preventing HIV/AIDS among Young People

Fact sheet prepared for the UN General Assembly Special Session on HIV/AIDS, June 2001. This fact sheet provides information on young people and their sexual behavior and the respect for and need to involve youth in setting targets for success.  

Fact sheet: Gender and HIV/AIDS

Fact sheet on Gender and HIV/AIDS prepared for the UN General Assembly Special Session on HIV/AIDS, June 2001.

Gender, Sexuality and HIV/AIDS: Horizons Research Update

This fact sheet outlines Population Council/Horizons aims to identify ways to improve HIV/AIDS programs and services through operations research that takes gender and sexuality into account.