Financing for Gender Equality in the HIV Response

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UN Women
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J. Cesar Tavares, B. Cooper, N. Damji, C. Fernandez, A. Guhathakurta, U. Jeremiah, E. Kudravtseva, L. Mworeko, A. Nilo, N. O’Grady, A. Olkkonen, M. Remme, J. Sherwood, V. Shivutse, and L. Vijayasingham
Addressing gender inequality as a structural impediment to preventing HIV and mitigating its impact on women and girls is widely recognized, including strong commitments made in the UN General Assembly “Political declaration on HIV and AIDS: Ending inequalities and getting on track to end AIDS by 2030”. Yet, less is known about financial investments to advance gender equality in the HIV response to implement those commitments.In 2019, UN Women, in collaboration with the United Nations University International Institute for Global Health, convened the Expert Group Meeting (EGM) on financing for gender equality in the HIV response. The meeting explored experiences and approaches to estimate resource needs and costs, allocate budgets, track expenditures, and monitor investments towards gender equality in the HIV response, including for the leadership and engagement of women’s organizations.This publication presents seven discussion papers commissioned by UN Women for the EGM. It provides experts’ insights of existing gaps and recommendations going forward.