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Ending AIDS: Progress Towards the 90-90-90 Targets

This report gives a detailed analysis of progress and challenges towards achieving the 90-90-90 targets. It shows that, for the first time, over of half all people living with HIV have access to HIV-related treatment.

World AIDS Day Report 2012: Results

The Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) has published Results, a World AIDS Day 2012 report.   The report includes the most recent HIV/AIDS data, which shows that a more than 50% reduction in the rate of new HIV infections has been achieved across 25 low- and middle-income countries––more than half in Africa, the region most...

Turning Gender and HIV Commitments into Action for Results: An Update on United Nations Interagency Activities on Women, Girls, Gender Equality, and HIV

This publication highlights key 2009 interagency initiatives, all of which operate at the intersection of gender equality, women’s empowerment and HIV. Initiatives profiled include Universal Access for Women and Girls Now!, UNAIDS Programme Acceleration Funds, and Enhancing Regional technical capacity on gender and HIV, a UNDP-led project. The...

AIDS Accountability Scorecard on Women 2009: Are Governments Keeping their Promises?

This publication analyzes the latest data reported by 192 countries against the core indicators used for monitoring an effective national response for women, as laid out in the United Nations Declaration of Commitment on HIV/AIDS. The first-ever scorecard analyzing country responses to the specific needs and vulnerabilities of women in the context...

Gender-based Violence: Fact Sheet on Youth Reproductive Health Policy

This publication highlights the importance of identifying gender-based violence as a youth reproductive health issue. It highlights gender-based violence related health consequences and identifies key areas for policy action. Furthermore, it provides a list of resources intended for the support of policy development.

UNAIDS Outlook 2010 Report

Launched in Geneva ahead of the XVIII International AIDS Conference in Vienna, this publication outlines a radically simplified HIV Treatment platform that could decrease the number of AIDS-related death drastically and could also greatly reduce the number of new HIV infections. The report provides new UNAIDS and Zogby International public opinion...

Report on the Global AIDS Epidemic 2010

Based on the most recent data from 182 countries, this publication highlights global epidemiological trends and provides an update on the AIDS epidemic and response. It includes new country scorecards on key issues facing the AIDS response as well as trend data on incidence from more than 60 countries. Furthermore, the report provides a synopsis of...

AIDS Epidemic Update

The annual AIDS epidemic update reports on the latest developments in the global AIDS epidemic. With maps and regional summaries, the 2005 edition provides the most recent estimates of the epidemic's scope and human toll, explores new trends in the epidemic's evolution, and features a special section on HIV prevention.