While the HIV/AIDS rate in India has not reached the staggering levels found in sub-Saharan countries, cultural factors are speeding the disease's spread,
Women face varying degrees of violence in all its forms and their full enjoyment of human rights is seriously challenged
A workshop conducted by the Ghana Association of Women Entrepreneurs (GAWE) with funds from the Ghana AIDS Commission helped to equip women with entrepreneurial skills as an alternative to engaging in sex as a means of livelihood.
The International Federation of Women Lawyers (FIDA)- Ghana on Tuesday called on the government to immediately adopt Gender and HIV/AIDS policies
The first AIDS victim in Kenya was identified in 1984. Since then, an estimated
An international conference focusing on the impact of HIV/AIDS on women opened Tuesday in the Botswanan capital, Gabarone. Delegates are calling for policy changes to look at the disease as a social issue, not just a medical one.
The United Nations General Assembly today convened a high-level meeting to discuss a progress report by Secretary-General Kofi Annan on the worldwide fight against HIV/AIDS, two years after Member States agreed to a time-bound set of targets to roll back the disease.
Speakers at an international conference yesterday called for regional cooperation to check trafficking in women and children in order to prevent spread of HIV/AIDS.

On World AIDS Day, UN Women released a compelling statement about the importance of achieving gender equality to reduce young women's vulnerabilities to HIV. The statement reminds us of the work that remains, such as scaling up efforts to address unequal power dynamics in relationships, building strong prevention methods, and increasing knowledge around the HIV epidemic for women and girls. 

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