Guidance Note on Applying Gender Responsive Budgeting to HIV Policies and Programs in Asia and the Pacific

Publish Year
UN Women
Author Name
Sarah Zaidi

The primary purpose of this Guidance on Gender Responsive Budgeting (GRB) for the HIV response in Asia and the Pacific is to offer top management, national planners, and civil society organizations a resource on how to integrate gender equality into HIV policy and planning. The note is based on a paper prepared for UN Women on Applying GRB to the HIV Responses: A Case Study of Cambodia, Indonesia, and Thailand, and serves as a stand-alone framework for applying gender responsive budgeting to HIV policies and programming. 

The guidance note contains the following: 

  • Definitions and key concepts;
  • Gender-responsive budgeting and the HIV response
  • Checklists of questions for a gender-sensitive HIV response and an enabling budgetary environment.

UN Women recommends using gender-responsive budgeting methodology in the HIV response as this can facilitate equality and fairness in terms of HIV budget allocations and expenditures, while also increasing transparency, accountability and efficiency of public funds that aim to reverse and eventually end the HIV epidemic in Asia and the Pacific.