Report on The First International Symposium on Self-testing for HIV: The Legal, Ethical, Gender, Human Rights and Public Health Implications of Self-testing Scale-up

Publish Year : 2013
Publisher : WHO, UNAIDS, Brocher Foundation, Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine (LSTM)
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Description :

HIV self-testing (HIVST) allows people to test in private. It is part of national policy in some countries including Kenya, with others considering introduction. In 2011, two pilot studies were conducted providing HIVST to health-workers in Kenya, and to community members in Malawi. This Report is based on the first global HIVST consultation (2013) to discuss legal, ethical, gender, human rights and public health implications of HIVST scale-up. It reviews evidence, on-going studies and planned approaches; examines opportunities and human rights concerns; as well as sets out a research agenda for this area.

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