Positive and Pregnant: How Dare You - A Study on Access to Reproductive and Maternal Health Care for Women Living with HIV in Asia

Publish Year : 2012
Publisher : Women of the Asia Pacific Network of People Living with HIV (APN+)
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Description :

'Positive and Pregnant: How Dare You is a study on the access to reproductive and maternal health care for women living with HIV in Asia. Undertaken by the Women of the Asia Pacific Network of People, it contains findings from six countries in the Asia Pacific region: Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Nepal, and Vietnam. The objective of the study was to assess the experience of accessing reproductive and maternal health services as reported by HIV-positive women over 16 years of age and pregnant in the past 18 months. The study used quantitative and qualitative methods: a survey among 757 women, 17 interviews and 10 focus group discussions.

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