A Review of Socio-economic Empowerment Initiatives for Women Living with HIV in Asia

Publish Year : 2012
Publisher : UNDP
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Description :

This report sets out the results of a review of socio-economic empowerment initiatives for women living with HIV in the Asia region with a view to identify lessons learned and generate recommendations for the socio-economic support for the estimated 1.7 million women in the region who are living with HIV. Loss of livelihood makes women highly vulnerable to poverty, poor health, and exploitation and lack of income increases the vulnerability of their families. A failure to include women's livelihoods in programming to mitigate the impact of HIV and AIDS risks negating important gains that have been made in increased access to ART and health care, jeopardizing the achievement of the Universal Access and Millennium Development Goals.A total of 10 initiatives are reviewed, covering those in Cambodia, China, India, Myanmar, Thailand, and Viet Nam. All approaches reviewed resulted in increased financial well-being of beneficiaries, as well as to greater personal empowerment.

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