Uptake of Family Planning Methods and Unplanned Pregnancies Among HIV-infected Individuals: A Cross-sectional Survey Among Clients at HIV Clinics in Uganda

Publish Year : 2011
Publisher : Journal of the International AIDS Society
Author Name : Wanyenze R.K., Tumwesigye N.M., Kindyomunda R., Beyeza-Kashesya J., Lynn A., Kansiime A., Neema S., Ssali F., Akol Z., Mirembe F.
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Description :

Prevention of unplanned pregnancies among HIV-infected individuals is critical to the prevention of mother to child HIV transmission (PMTCT), but its potential has not been fully utilized by PMTCT programmes. The uptake of family planning methods among women in Uganda is low, with current use of family planning methods estimated at 24%, but available data has not been disaggregated by HIV status. The findings of this study highlight the need for integration and strengthening of family planning (FP) services for persons living with HIV (PLHIV). HIV prevention, care and treatment services should incorporate sexual and reproductive health services, including FP as an integral component. The preferred FP methods should be available at HIV service delivery sites or through linkages with other providers.

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