Piecing it Together for Women and Girls: The Gender Dimensions of HIV-related Stigma

Publish Year : 2011
Publisher : International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF)
Author Name : Osborne K., Tremlett L., Welbourn A., Hale F., Vazquez M.
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Description :

This publication provides evidence on the gender dimensions of HIV-related stigma and how this stigma affects women differently than man in Ethiopia, Dominican Republic and Bangladesh. In Bangladesh, over half of women have experienced stigma from a friend or neighbour: 87 per cent have decided not to get married as a result of their HIV status; and nearly a fifth feel suicidal. In Ethiopia only 45 per cent of women have disclosed their status to their partner or husband; over a half have low self esteem; and 44 per cent have been advised by a health worker not to have a child due to being HIV-positive. In the Dominican Republic, a fifth of women living with HIV have been coerced in to being sterilized; 60 per cent fear being the subject of gossip; and nearly a quarter did not, while pregnant, receive ARV drugs for the prevention of mother- to-child transmission; 75 percent of women gave support to others living with HIV.

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