Gender, Sexuality and Violence in the context of HIV and AIDS: A Call to Action

Publish Year : 2007
Publisher : International Center for Research on Women (ICRW) and Oxfam GB (India)
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Description :

Violence contributes to HIV and AIDS vulnerability but has been insufficiently addressed in India. Fortunately, gender and sexuality-based discrimination has been recognized by the government. To date, however, groups affected by and at risk of HIV and AIDS have addressed violence single-handedly, with minimal success. They recognize that more needs to be done. To this end, a large group of people representing sex workers, men engaged in male-to-male sex, hijras, drug users, people living with HIV and women's rights groups convened on 7 September, 2007 to explore the extent and scope of the problem. They also identified concrete directions to address violence based on community-driven approaches that work.

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