The World Bank's Global HIV/AIDS Program of Action

Publish Year : 2005
Publisher : World Bank
Author Name : The Global HIV/AIDS Program, The World Bank
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Description :

This Program of Action describes the steps the World Bank will take over the coming three years to strengthen the Bank's response to the HIV/AIDS epidemic at country, regional, and global levels, through lending, grants, analysis, technical support and policy dialogue. The scope of this Program of Action is Bank-wide and global, drawing on and complementing the Bank's regional HIV/AIDS strategies. This Program of Action is aligned with the recommendations of the Global Task Team on Improving AIDS Collaboration Among Multilateral Institutions and International Donors (the GTT) and the division of labor agreed among the UNAIDS co-sponsors. The document was written for the World Bank's Executive Directors, management and staff, and for readers beyond the Bank, especially for client countries and partner organizations. It translates into concrete actions the Bank's commitment to work with client countries and partner agencies, to more effectively prevent new infections and treat and care for people infected and affected by HIV/AIDS. This Program of Action pays particular attention to the increased vulnerability of women to HIV/AIDS.


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