Lending a Caring Hand: Tips for Home Health Care

Publish Year : 2005
Publisher : UN INSTRAW (United Nations International Research and Training Institute for the Advancement of Women)
Author Name : I. Gaviria
Link : Click here

Description :

As with other chronic illnesses, the ideal AIDS care model is a holistic combination of public health, home and community care. The WHO believes that HIV/AIDS should be managed at home because home care is more comprehensive, more compassionate, less expensive and allows the patient to maintain a certain level of dignity and normality. However, caring for a family member with advanced HIV infection or AIDS is a physically challenging and emotionally draining task. In the developing world, many families of people living with HIV/AIDS have low incomes and lack the requisite knowledge of how to care for their family members. This manual aims to support home-based caregivers of people living with HIV/AIDS in low-resource settings. Using pictures and simple texts, it provides instructions on safe and hygienic ways to store and prepare food, dispose of waste, change bed linens or dressings, watch for and treat opportunistic infections, as well as nausea and other common side-effects. 

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