Adolescent and Youth Reproductive Health In Jordan: Status, Issues, Policies, and Programs

Publish Year : 2003
Publisher : POLICY Project
Author Name : I. Almasarweh
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Description :

This assessment of adolescent reproductive health (ARH) in Jordan is part of a series of assessments in 13 countries in Asia and the Near East.1 The purpose of the assessments is to highlight the reproductive health status of adolescents in each country, within the context of the lives of adolescent boys and girls. The report begins with social context and gender socialization that set girls and boys on separate lifetime paths in terms of life expectations, educational attainment, job prospects and labor force participation, reproduction and duties in the household. The report also outlines laws and policies that pertain to ARH and discusses information and service delivery programs that provide reproductive health information and services to adolescents. The report identifies operational barriers to ARH and ends with recommendations for action to improve ARH in Jordan.

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