Uganda: HIV and AIDS-related Discrimination, Stigmatization and Denial

Publish Year : 2001
Publisher : The Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS)
Author Name : S. M. Monico, E.O. Tanga, A. Nuwagaba, P. Aggleton, and P. Tyrer
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Description :

This report describes research conducted on issues of HIV/AIDS-related discrimination, stigmatization, and denial in central and western Uganda in 1997-98. The report describes the aims, methods, and findings of the research, with a particular emphasis on the forms and determinants of DSD and the responses to it. The research moves beyond previous research on DSD and in contrast, aims to offer an account of how DSD operates, and what causes it, in a range of contexts in two contrasting regions. The different treatment accorded to women in the epidemic was evident throughout the research, most strikingly in relation to inheritance and details are described in the report. The report concludes with particular areas of concern and makes recommendations to address them.

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