Longevity in HIV+ Mothers: The Need to Promote Health, Household Food Security and Economic Empowerment to Ensure Family Survival in Southern Africa

Publish Year
UN Division for the Advancement of Women, WHO, and UNAIDS for Expert Group Meeting on "The HIV/AIDS Pandemic and its Gender Implications" 13-17 November 2000 Windhoek, Namibia
Author Name
S.L J Page
The report explains that the subordination of women in African society in the face of the HIV/AIDS pandemic, is causing their premature deaths and resulting in the break-up of millions of families throughout the continent. The subsequent creation of a generation of traumatized children has serious consequences for the future stability of many countries in Africa. This paper expands on the medical aspects of the six stages of development of AIDS (Chaitow, 1999) by examining the causes of immuno-suppression in rural women and recommendations for improved longevity in HIV-positive mothers.