Gender, HIV/AIDS, and Human Security

Publish Year
UN Division for the Advancement of Women, WHO, and UNAIDS for Expert Group Meeting on "The HIV/AIDS Pandemic and its Gender Implications"
Author Name
E. Sy
Human security presumes freedom from want and from fear, as well as access to and control of resources and opportunities. The basic elements of human security include survival, safety, opportunity, dignity, agency and autonomy. These preconditions for human security are essential in reducing vulnerability to HIV infection and its impact. However, gender differences and inequalities affect the extent to which men and women, boys and girls are able to enjoy these basic security needs. Those most deprived of these needs are themselves most highly vulnerable to HIV infection and most disadvantaged in coping with its impact. This document discusses gender-related inequalities that threaten human security and add to HIV vulnerability and outlines principles and opportunities for action.