Addressing the Psycho-Social Impact of HIV on Young Women and Girls

4 June 2018

A non-governmental organization in Abuja, Nigeria - the AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) - has emphasized the need to create safe spaces to address the psycho-social needs of young women and girls in the region. Country Programme Director of AHF, Dr. Echey Ijezie, shared that girls were challenged by gaps in pyscho-social support, menstrual hygiene, low confidence and the lack of skills to negotiate safe sex. Dr. Ijezie discussed an AHF programme aimed at addressing the challenges confronting adolescent girls and young women (14-24 years) in various communities. 

“The safe space workshop provides a place for young women and girls to express emotional issues without hindrances. It would be addressing the psycho-social impact of HIV on young women and girls while guaranteeing a safe space for interaction and networking,” he assured.

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