Regional Policy Dialogue

A regional policy dialogue for Africa took place on the 29th of October to mark the end of the "Action to Promote the Legal Empowerment of Women in the Context of HIV/AIDS" programme.

Presentations showcasing program achievements and lessons learnt provided a foundation to discuss policy solutions to implementation challenges and support for scale-up of successful practices. In addition, grantees developed actionable recommendations for strengthening national accountability frameworks protecting women's property and inheritance rights in the context of HIV/AIDS.

Building on discussions amongst grantees and policy makers at the Regional Policy Dialogue, grantees and partners identified their top five policy recommendations and shared them with the policy makers:

- Include women living with HIV or affected by AIDS in leadership and decision-making platforms;
- Formulate national plans and budgets for the implementation of existing laws in relation to women’s property and inheritance rights;
- Repeal discriminatory customary laws;
- Avail funds at the local government level to subsidize legal services for HIV-affected women; and
- Reform civil codes to include rights for shared properties for unregistered customary law unions.

Please use the following links to access more information about the event: Agenda, Grantee Presentations and Photos



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