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Women HIV and AIDS: Avert

Avert provides a global overview of how and why women are more vulnerable to HIV, as well as prevention and treatment services available for women.

BRIDGE (development - gender)

BRIDGE is a gender and development research and information service based at the Institute of Development Studies, UK. It works to advance gender equality, women's rights, empowerment in development and advocate the importance of a gender perspective to reduce poverty and promote social justice.

HIV and AIDS: International Center for Research on Women (ICRW)

ICRW recognizes how gender equality fuels the transmission of HIV among women and contributes evidence to remove human rights barriers to prevention, care and treatment services and improve access, acceptability and quality of services.

The HIV/AIDS Network: The Communication Initiative Network

The HIV/AIDS Network is a platform where media, knowledge, news related to the HIV epidemic is shared. It also provides a platform to connect members or organizations subscribed to the network.

Global Coalition on Women and AIDS

The Global Coalition on Women and AIDS (GCWA) is a worldwide alliance of civil society groups, networks or women living with HIV, women's organizations, AIDS service organizations, and the United Nations system, committed to strengthening AIDS programming for women and girls.